Top-Grade Electrical Services

We believe our customers deserve to be provided with the highest industry standard service. The electricians at Riggen Mechanical Solutions have over 37 years of experience. If there is any service that we can provide, please feel free to contact us! The picture provided below is an image of The Best Western Hotel-Crawfordsville IN. An example of the quality of design and installation we provide.

Our Electrical Services

Riggen Mechanical Solutions provides complete electrical design, installation, and maintenance services for the commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial, and institutional markets in Indiana and Illinois.
  • Code violation repairs
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Lighting
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Cabling connections
  • Move, add, or change to existing electrical systems
Electrical service

Trust Us to Handle Your Electrical Needs

For Riggen Mechanical Solutions, being an electrician isn't just a business; it's a point of pride. We take our work seriously, just like we know you do. You will find our team surprisingly enthusiastic and willing to help you with any concerns you have.

Wide Variety of Electrical Services

  • Complimentary system analysis
  • Prompt, 24-hour emergency repair service
  • Top-quality maintenance
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 70 E Arc Certified
  • Contractor Verification System
Complimentary system analysis! 
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